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Happy Birthday, Dad!

Okay, I lied.

It seems like I do have something important to say today.

I’m just stopping by for a quick shout out to my dad, my namesake and the big dude who taught me everything he knows — but not everything I know — about how to be a dad. Sometimes he did it by setting an example, and sometimes he did it by showing me what not to do.

Either way, I learned more from that man than I could have from a library full of books.

He taught me that if it was important to his son that he coach in sports, then he took the time off his job to be there for his son and coach whatever sport was in season. Dad coached me in tackle football, baseball, basketball, just about everything I ever wanted to play. When I made the school track team in shot put and discus and the mile relay, it was my dad who took me aside and showed me how to do it all.

He taught me that you didn’t have to go along with the herd, even if you wanted to achieve the same goal as it did. He’s a doctor, but he didn’t undergraduate major in anything science-y. He majored in English because he enjoyed it.

He’s also the man who showed me the value and the warmth of a real Hawaiian shirt with the wooden buttons. My wife, known to me as She Who Must Not Be Allowed Near My Closet With Anything Remotely Sharp, might not like them, but I love my Hawaiian shirt collection.

He’s also the man who brought home the first science fiction/fantasy book I remember reading. It was the middle book in a trilogy, but I was hooked for life. He set me on a path toward some exceedingly strange places, that I’m so very glad I found. He nurtured my love of reading and words and creating with them and I can’t thank him enough.

He’s also the man who helped shape my sense of humor. So, yeah, he’s the one you can blame.

Thanks, Dad, for being such a great mentor, teacher, coach and cheerleader all rolled up into one dad-sized package that kept pushing, prodding and questioning, all the while letting me know I was loved no matter what I did, as long as what I did made me happy.

Happy birthday!

Before I go, though, answer me one question: Who’s on first.

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Rocket Man or Getting To Mars

by Richard

Okay, dudes, this will (hopefully, probably) be the last of these weeks where I’m headed into light-content mode because of all the editing I’m doing on the book, A Dude’s Guide to Babies. At least, I hope so.

I’ve got the final batch of edits from our editor sitting in the hopper of my in-box and I just need to go over them and then find a place for some various top-ten lists and other quizzes. And rewrite a submission for my fiction-writing group, and critique another writer’s submission, and keep up the work on overhauling an urban fantasy book I’m trying to finish and submit to publishers.

And keep up with work, the young dudes and She Who Must Be Catered To, Her Every Whim Obeyed.

Hmm. Maybe a couple more light weeks might not be such a bad idea.

Anyway, for today, I’m going to give you one last cool thing about going to Mars.

Check this out. It’s a lovely movie about how the rover got to Mars. It’s really, really cool.

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