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Monday Matinee: Time-Lapse Moab

Something grows from nothing.

Time-lapse photography is one of the most amazing tricks we can pull with our ability to capture and store images from the environment.

It’s like a flip book drawing, but drawn instead from real life.

Like most photographic tricks, you can do things quick and dirty or you can take your time and produce something amazing.

In this case, we’re leaning toward the amazing end of the spectrum. Ron Risman is a photographer who took a trip to Moab in Utah and documented it with an astonishing time-lapse movie.

Here it is for you dudes.


Timelapse Moab Presents: A Dark-Sky Timelapse Journey through Southeastern Utah from Ron Risman on Vimeo.

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Traveling Day, Dudes! Headed To The Left Coast

by Richard

This year is an odd one at Casa de Dude. We’ve got three different spring breaks.

Sarcasmo has the spring break associated with the local community college. Zippy the Monkey Boy has spring break starting on Monday because he’s in private school. Hyper Lad has spring break over Easter because the local school board wants to give everybody Easter off to celebrate their religion, but they can’t actually do that so they schedule spring break for then and that’s the first week of April.

With three different spring breaks, we’re not going to be going anywhere as a family.

You’d think that would mean we’re just going to be relaxing at home, with whoever has spring break that week sleeping late while everybody else gets up to go to school. You’d think wrong.

Apparently, Zippy the Monkey Boy and Hyper Lad both get their own spring break travel. Hyper Lad talked his mom into taking him and a friend to New York City to explore the Big Apple and look for Spider-Man swinging from buildings. Or in theaters. I’m not sure which.

Because Hyper Lad got his own vacation, Zippy the Monkey Boy insisted on his own. Of course, he had to pick a place that was as far away from Casa de Dude as possible. Yeah, we’re going to San Francisco, he and I. And we’re leaving today.

Should be interesting. I’ll make sure to update you dudes as we go along. Wish me luck.

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Halloween Is Here!

by Richard

Today is the day! Even bigger than Talk Like A Pirate Day! More amazing than Arbor Day (although, realistically, that’s not that hard)! More candy-licious than Easter!


You know it’s Halloween because I’m sure you dudes, like me, have been sampling the candy for the last couple of weeks. I mean, I had to make sure the candy was up to the high, rigorous standards of our household if I was going to give it away for free. It could have gone bad. Well, it could have. It’s possible.

Quick image from one of my favorite movies: Nightmare Before Christmas

Yeah, that’s the creepy we need.

As the sun drops low into the sky tonight and the goblins and ghoulies start to come out and you’ve got your costume on, remember to be safe. Your little dudes should have an adult when they’re headed out into the streets and one of you probably should have some sort of flashlight. Not even for safety. I mean, how can we steal the best candy if we’re not able to see it. If you try that back at the house, you’re sure to get caught.

If your little dudette is wearing a dark costume, try to make sure there is some sort of reflective surface or light attached to it. You never know what sort of Halloween treats the dude behind the wheel might have been consuming earlier in the evening.

Scare somebody.

Have fun.

With that, I’m headed out to get my costume on and go into the streets. Since my costume has a full-face mask, I’m planning on lots of stuff I wouldn’t do with my face showing. Nothing bad, you know, but it’s going to be fun.

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