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Things To Do In Charlotte: Sex & Sensability

If you’re the type of dude who never tires of learning more about sex, have I got an event for you.

Sponsored by Mintview OB/GYN, Sex & Sensability is an outstanding event designed to demystify sex by providing you with the tips and tools you need become creative, loving and successful in bed.

Or the kitchen. Or the mud room. Or wherever. That’s part of the point.

The event is going to take place on March 27, from 6-9 pm in the Visulite Theater, 1615 Elizabeth Ave., Charlotte. Tickets are only $10 per person and, brother, that is money well spent. Not only do you get a dynamite presentation and Q&A session, but you also score some appetizers and a goodie bag.

I’ll let you dudes in on a little secret. See, I happen to know one of the presenters pretty well.

Okay, slightly more than pretty well. I’ve been sleeping with her for the past two decades. Yes, it’s my wife, known to others as She Who Must Be Listened To.

I worked with her to prepare the slideshow/presentation that forms one of the spines of this spine-tingling evening and I can tell you from experience: This is a talk, a presentation that you want to attend.

Don’t be afraid to be a man at a talk presented by an OB/GYN office. This presentation is for both men and women, even if it’s slightly more weighted to the distaff side of the aisle. Which makes it even better for you to be there.

It’s only a couple of hours, but it could change how you approach sex for the rest of your life.

A tremendous lecture and Q&A session about increasing your happiness in your sex life.

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by Richard

The middle young dude, Zippy the Monkey Boy, goes to a private school, which means we pay (out the nose) for his education. And the lovely thing is this means it’s like he’s going to college for four years before he goes to college.

Anyway, there are times when he’s overjoyed to be going there and I’m a little suspect. Today is one of those times.

Every year, the high school portion of his school packs up and the young dudes and dudettes head out to camp. Yes, they’re going to Camp Cheerio, the same place Zippy the Monkey Boy, Hyper Lad and Sarcasmo, have spent so many happy summer months.

Now, the school says this three-day excursion is an exercise in team building and getting the students into a different setting to work on their educations and their approach to learning.

Me? I’m thinking it’s more of a mini-vacation for a group of students, who already have far too many days off during the school year.

Yes, I am turning into a grumpy old man. Why do you ask?

Zippy the Monkey Boy loves it, though, so I’ve decided to quit griping. At least in public. Well, at least where he’s likely to notice it anyway.

The good news is that it’ll be two days where I won’t have to actually dynamite the young dude out of bed on school mornings and that’s always good for my blood pressure.

So, I guess, cheers!

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Yaaarrrr! Pirate Day!

by Richard

No, unfortunately, yesterday wasn’t International Talk Like A Pirate Day. That’s Sept. 19. And, yes, it should be a national holiday. The reason for the post title is the mascot of East Carolina University, Pee Dee the Pirate.

Yeah, I know. I’ve got a thing for pirates. Leave me alone.

Anyway, dudes, Zippy the Monkey Boy and I went to East Carolina University in beautiful downtown Greenville, NC, for a very long tour of the campus. It was strange. To me, the campus felt like a small campus, everything within walking distance, lots of greenspace. All that.

The tour, however, lasted a lot longer than I thought it would.

Still, time isn’t that much of a problem. Like I said, this was a beautiful campus. Even better, it had electrical trees. Seriously. The dude giving the lecture before the tour said most of the campus had wireless computer coverage and, in a few of the open areas, there were electrical outlets around the base of some of the trees so you could plug in your laptop. Electrical trees. Awesome.

For Zippy, the place had an immediate downside in that it did not offer a bachelor of science in marine biology. There were numerous good science majors, biology, chemistry and such, and some good engineering majors, but he seems set on the marine biology degree going straight through.

In addition to the outside, the ECU campus also has a couple of nice amenities, including a very nice student athletic building with eight full-sized basketball courses, raquetball and handball.

All in all, it was a nice campus to visit. When we left, both Zippy the Monkey Boy and I blinked a couple of times. By the time we were done, we’d gone through downtown Greenville. Dude, that place is small. And when I say small, I’m talking molecular-sized small.

It was a nice-looking little town, in a Mayberry-done-up-in-spangles-after-a-night-out-with-Floyd sort of way. Lots of bars and fast-food places down the main strip, which is just what the college student ordered.

My favorite part of the tour was when the guide talked about how the most important part of doing well at the school would be forcing yourself to go to class when there wasn’t anyone breathing down your neck to get you out of bed. Zippy the Monkey Boy, who is quite familiar with my use of dynamite as a wake-up tool, wouldn’t even look at me. I just laughed.

Now we’re off to the College of Charleston down in South Carolina. But that’s a story for tomorrow.

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