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Arm Yourselves With Home-Made Mini Crossbows

So this is what it feels like to rule the world through massively overwhelming force.

Or just the battlefield that is my home.

Yes, dudes, when you can weaponize hair clips, you know you’re on This screen grab is from the video posted by TheKingOfRandom.com and showing you how to create a mini crossbow from hair clips, popsicle sticks, hot glue and twine.the top of the family heap. Luckily for you out there in reader land, I’m feeling in a benevolent mood and I’m going to show you how I learned a method of creating a mini crossbow that can fire wooden matches, either lit or unlit, a distance of several yards.

This, dudes, is how you protect your cube.

Or just annoy the little dudes until they get angry enough to actually build one of their own and start firing back.


A big tip of the hat to my writing pal, The Dragon, for sending me the link that showed me how to create the massive crossbow gap that currently exists in the not-so-friendly-anymore confines of Casa de Dude.

Here’s the clip.

Pretty neat, no?

Pretty neat, yes indeedey oh!

If you’re like me and do better with written instructions, you can go here to download a .pdf listing all the gear you’ll need and the steps necessary to weaponize hair-care products.

I’d love to see whatever you dudes come up with after watching the video and checking out the instructions. Mine didn’t look quite as good as the ones here, but not bad and, even better, it worked.

Thanks to the mini crossbow, I now possess an almost insurmountable advantage in desktop weaponry. I shall rule with my iron fist, velvet glove optional.

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Dragon Weather’s Back

by Richard

I thought dragon weather was something I shared only with my youngest little dude, Hyper Lad. Turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Since this is fall, my favorite season, we’re starting to experience all the joys of the changing season. Which means we’re getting the cold weather and cold weather means you can see your breath.

For a while now, Hyper Lad and I have called this time of year the time for Dragon Weather. We go out on the front porch, or anywhere outside, really, and pretend to be dragons, with smoky breath. It’s fun and silly and a nice connection between father and son.

Turns out that Zippy the Monkey Boy has been listening as well. The other night, Zippy went to let Buzz, the garbage disposal that walks like a dog, out for a run/bathroom break and he (Zippy the Monkey Boy) called me out to the front porch.

“You can see your breath!” He was excited and showing off. “I’m a dragon!”

Now, remember, Zippy the Monkey Boy is 17 and, in his own mind, a man already. Normally, he’s too cool for this sort of thing so I was loving this short foray into silliness by the somber Monkey Boy. We stayed out on the porch, watched Buzz irrigate the lawn and growled at each other and the puzzled Buzz and blew dragon smoke all over the place.

And we laughed.

There’s no real lesson here, nothing to learn. I just wanted to note that sometimes, when you least expect it, the little dude inside the proto-man will poke his head out and shout hello. It’s best to take advantage of those times because they don’t happen all that often as the kids get older.

Pretty soon, I’ll be the only dragon left standing on the front porch. But I’ll have memories of more standing with me. And now I can add Zippy the Dragon Boy to that list of memories.

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Dude Review: Game Of Thrones

by Richard

Okay dudes and dudettes, this is one television series that is definitely not one for the young dudes in your house. Let’s get that out of the way first. We’re talking adult content here, both thematically and visually. Not to mention verbally.

Now that we’ve got the disclaimers out of the way, let’s talk about the actual show.

Aired on HBO and available sometime on DVD from Amazon.com, Game of Thrones is an amazing piece of cinema. The fact that it’s on television just makes it all the more amazing.

The series is based on A Song of Fire and Ice, a (so-far) five-book fantasy series by Hugo- and Nebular-award winning author George R. R. Martin. The 10-episode first season is an amazingly faithful adaptation of the first book of the series. It really is amazingly faithful, seeming to be at times a word-for-word and scene-for-scene recreation of the book.

It’s become so good, really, that when I read the books I see the actors from the show in place of the folks who had been in my head for so long.

This will let you know how good the show is. My wife, known to me as She Who Must Be Making Fun Of My TV Habits, is not someone who likes a lot of fantasy or science-fiction shows. Mostly she just likes to make fun of them. My young dudes and I had been eagerly awaiting the show, Sarcasmo and I being huge fans of the book series, and we’d roped Zippy the Delivery Boy into watching it as well.

We’d been watching the show and their mom had been in the room. After sitting through two episodes in a row somewhere in the middle of the season, she started asking questions. That’s when she went back and watched all the episodes so far. She was hooked. So much so that she actually bought all the books so she could read those as well. And she NEVER reads fantasy books.

The series’ lush cinematography, amazing acting and fantastic scripts really draw you in and start immersing you in the world of knights, dragons and magic.

This is a show well worth your time. Not to mention a book series you should really check out. Definitely five (5) dudes out of five.

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