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Dude Review: Game Of Thrones

by Richard

Okay dudes and dudettes, this is one television series that is definitely not one for the young dudes in your house. Let’s get that out of the way first. We’re talking adult content here, both thematically and visually. Not to mention verbally.

Now that we’ve got the disclaimers out of the way, let’s talk about the actual show.

Aired on HBO and available sometime on DVD from Amazon.com, Game of Thrones is an amazing piece of cinema. The fact that it’s on television just makes it all the more amazing.

The series is based on A Song of Fire and Ice, a (so-far) five-book fantasy series by Hugo- and Nebular-award winning author George R. R. Martin. The 10-episode first season is an amazingly faithful adaptation of the first book of the series. It really is amazingly faithful, seeming to be at times a word-for-word and scene-for-scene recreation of the book.

It’s become so good, really, that when I read the books I see the actors from the show in place of the folks who had been in my head for so long.

This will let you know how good the show is. My wife, known to me as She Who Must Be Making Fun Of My TV Habits, is not someone who likes a lot of fantasy or science-fiction shows. Mostly she just likes to make fun of them. My young dudes and I had been eagerly awaiting the show, Sarcasmo and I being huge fans of the book series, and we’d roped Zippy the Delivery Boy into watching it as well.

We’d been watching the show and their mom had been in the room. After sitting through two episodes in a row somewhere in the middle of the season, she started asking questions. That’s when she went back and watched all the episodes so far. She was hooked. So much so that she actually bought all the books so she could read those as well. And she NEVER reads fantasy books.

The series’ lush cinematography, amazing acting and fantastic scripts really draw you in and start immersing you in the world of knights, dragons and magic.

This is a show well worth your time. Not to mention a book series you should really check out. Definitely five (5) dudes out of five.

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The Quiet Of The Future

by Richard

Creepy is a good word I can use to describe the Compound de Dude these days. It really is too quiet. Of course there’s the animals and the loud, annoying sounds they make when they cross paths, but that’s as nothing compared to the wailing, nails-on-blackboard screaming, laughing and elephants-on-stampede sounds from the stairs that we’re used to having around here.

All three young dudes are off at their various summer camps and activities. Sarcasmo is in China, working with pandas and traveling around to visit the wonders of that far-off country. Zippy the Delivery Boy is in Wilmington, getting his advanced open-water certification in scuba from PADI and learning about marine biology at the MarineQuest summer camp. Hyper Lad is the least daring of the bunch (but only because he’s constrained by his young age) and is attending a two-week YMCA camp in the mountains. It’s his sixth year at Camp Cheerio, where he’s following the footsteps of his brothers.

So, yeah. Without them around to loud up the place, it’s feeling a little like the future. Like the future when they’re all grown, most of them are out of college and they’re no longer living at home. It’s a taste of what life will be like and I’m not sure it’s a dish I’m ready to be served.

For now, though, we’re still only a couple of weeks away from having them all return and things will be returning to normal. For about three weeks until Sarcasmo heads off to college at High Point University.

Of course, another good thing about this small stretch of time, is that we are, in fact, childless. I and my wife, known to me for these two weeks as She Who Must Be Satisfied (Good, God, Woman I’m Only Human), can, if we want, walk around the house naked and not have to worry about scarring anyone. Well, no one except for the construction workers who’s taken over the house for our renovation.

Okay, maybe I didn’t think that bit through, but I’m sure we’ll find some use for our alone time. Thanks for asking.

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. . . And Shove It!

by Richard

So Zippy the Monkey Boy is now Zippy the Delivery Boy. He finally listened to his mom and me and went out and got a job. He’s a delivery boy for a local Chinese restaurant.

Actually, for all that we worry about him driving around out there on the city streets at night, in a hurry to get where he needs to go, this is a pretty good fit to his skill sets. He’s gregarious, likes to talk to new people, and is willing to smile a lot. One of his major shortcomings is an unwillingness to tolerate stupidity (in others) silently.

I figured that would be a major problem for him in that he’d certainly have customers who would have forgotten they’d ordered food, didn’t have the money or way to pay, that sort of thing. And he wouldn’t deal well with it. Turns out, it’s been a good thing for him as he’s learned ways to deal. It was either that or not get a tip and he loves the tips.

No, the major problem with this job actually comes from a difference in our definitions of reasonable safety. Zippy the Delivery Boy, being a 17-year-old, is convinced of his own immortality and his own invulnerability. Even then, though, he wants to take what he considers to be reasonable precautions. He wants to carry around a really big knife (read machete) in the car under his seat to protect himself and to make sure he can out-threaten anyone who tries to rob him.

A concern for safety is a good thing, especially for a young dude on delivery runs. However, I’d rather he be unarmed and more than willing to hand over the money. See, my concern is that he’ll  be confronted and will then pull the knife to which the robber will respond by pulling a gun. Escalation isn’t just to get upstairs, you know. The way I see it, no amount of money is worth Zippy the Delivery Boy’s life. I’d rather he just give it all up and live to drive another day.

He doesn’t see it that way. He’s convinced he can’t be hurt and the merest sight of his dangerous and vicious self wielding a large knife will be enough to set any reprobate back on the straight and narrow.

For now, he’s willing to give my idea a try. And I’m willing to just sneakily search the car before each shift instead of doing it right in front of him. I like to think of it as trust, but verify.

Now if only he’ll listen to me about speeding.

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