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Nature Can Be Creepy

For those of you reading only this little teaser, I’m telling you right now, you need to click through to the site, if only to see the picture that I’m going to put up in just a few more words. Seriously. This is something you’ve got to see. Possibly the ugliest fish every seen. Or at least the strangest. Check out this deep-sea barreleye fish.

barreleye1-350Yes, that fish’s forehead is, in fact, transparent. You can see right inside the creepy little dude. And, get this, those eye-looking things just above it’s mouth: not eyes. They’re olfactory organs, similar to human noses. The fish’s eyes are actually those green things floating inside the transparent, fluid-filled head. Yeah, it sees through the top of its head.

I know there have been times, since I started having kids, that I wanted to have eyes in the back of my head, but this is ridiculous.

It gets even creepier. Those green-looking eyes point upwards, yeah? Well, they can also swivel and point forward, almost like a snail’s eye stalk. Just rotate down and up. Inside. Its. Head.

The reason for the fish’s strange eye arrangement is that it lives deep down in the ocean, basically where the sunlight fades away to eternal black. It uses its large fins to basically sit still and then stares up — through its own head — to watch for anything swimming by or falling into the depths. Then the creepy eyes rotate forward and it swims by and eats whatever it can catch.

My middle little dude is hugely into reading everything he can about animals of every kind and then telling me all about it. Ad nauseum. But I’ve got to think this is stranger than anything he’s ever come across. I can’t wait to show it to him and watch him freak out. It’ll be better than that time I hid behind the door to his room, jumped out and screamed, and made him drop his Sprite. At least this time I won’t have to clean up that sort of mess.

— Richard

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