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Monkeying Around

by Richard

If you live in or near Charlotte, you need to hurry. Monkey Joe’s is having a customer appreciation weekend that ends tonight. We’re talking a good time for all involved.

Monkey Joe’s is a great place for the little dudes. It’s filled to the brim with huge inflatables. I’m not just talking the ordinary type of huge, this is mountainously huge.

When I was on top of one of them, I started to get dizzy and short of breath, it was that big. Of course, the little dudes racing around and past me weren’t having any of those sorts of problems. Maybe that says more about me than about the height, but, well, you know.

Anyway, the good folks at Monkey Joe’s in Pineville (and they are good folks in all senses of the words, but that’s another post) want to let you have a great time. While your little dudes and dudettes are having a great time.

The first nine in line each day will get half off any birthday parties booked that day. In addition, you can get $50 off on any party booked in person for a Monday-Friday and $75 off for a personally booked party that takes place on Saturday of Sunday.Finally, there’ll be an hourly drawing for free stuff, including a free birthday party.

Sounds like a good deal to me.

Check out their website for more details. You really don’t want to miss out on this one.

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