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Printing More Than Just Pictures Of Some Dude’s Butt

Let’s face it, the first thing anyone did with an office copy machine was to get some dude drunk, cop the boss’ key and come back to work after hours and copy a picture of his butt.

Oh, the laughter and the hilarity as they waited at the output station for the print of that dude’s butt. Oh, the funny. The funny.

Copy machines have come a long way. Not only can we now scan a butt so well that the print looks like a flat object, but real, we can also print out a fully three-dimensional butt.

You know what? Let’s get off the whole butt thing?

I’m talking here about 3-D printing. If you’ve not heard about it, it’s absolutely fascinating and fantastic. Basically, you get a computerized template, a canister of raw materials and then throw them together. Using some ingenious methods, the printer actually outputs a physical object.

Sure, it’s mostly been used for plasticky toys and suchlike at the start, but that was just the start. Some dudes are thinking bigger. Much, much bigger.

There’s already been plenty of talk about 3D-printing entire buildings, but those ambitions may not remain strictly earthbound for too long. According to a new report from Phys.org, the European Space Agency and partners from London-based architecture firm Foster + Partners have begun to explore the feasibility of 3D printing a life-sustaining base on the lunar surface.

Of course, lunar dust on its own wouldn’t exactly make for the best building material, prompting the parties involved to look at ways to bolster the durability of their would-be moon base. Simulated moon dust was then combined with magnesium oxide and a “binding salt” to help the concoction settle properly, and the whole process is apparently capable of working in the vacuum of space thanks to a crafty approach to extruding liquids on the lunar surface.

Now that’s what I call thinking big.

I mean, imagine it. You shoot to the moon, determined to stay for a while and all you bring is an oxygen cracker to make your breathable air and a 3-D printer to create your facility.

Yeah, dudes, the future really is arriving. Now all we gotta do is get this off the drawing board and out in to the wild.

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School’s Out

by Richard

School’s out for summer!

I’ll pause here to allow the cheers and screams and sheer undulations of joy to subside from the young dude peanut gallery that’s now got far too much time on its hands.

All done? Good.

Anyway, it’s an odd last day of school here at Casa de Dude. Sarcasmo bounced back from college during the first semester of last year, so he’s been out of school. Zippy the Monkey Boy went to a private school and had all A’s in his classes so didn’t have to study for or take final exams so he’s been out for several weeks and only had to go back to school last week to graduate.

It’s only Hyper Lad who’s counting today as the official first day of summer. The price we pay for allowing them to get older, I guess.

I still say we should dip them in amber sometime around six or so. That way, they never have to get into that cynical or sarcastic phase in which all parents are idiots and the world stinks. And we never have to deal with pre-puberty and puberty mood swings.

Unfortunately, every time I bring that up, people start looking at me strange and I get a visit from child protective services.


It’s been difficult to keep Hyper Lad on task these last couple of weeks, what with his brothers home and not doing any sort of school. He is seriously ticked off that he can’t stay up late and sleep late and not go to school. Not that I blame him, of course. I mean, since his End of Grade tests have ended a couple of weeks back, he’s been doing — essentially — nothing of value in school.

Still, it’s something all school-age dudes have to suffer through.

Now it’s all over. School’s out for the summer, so no more eight hours of school each day, and the young dudes get to stay home all the time.

Which is something all parent-age dudes have to suffer through.

Even with a house full of young dudes, all filled to the brim with a horrible concoction of hormones and energy, there still is something worthwhile to cling to: only a little over two months until school starts again.

Nah. Just kidding. I love having them home. I don’t have to harangue anyone about homework or tests or projects or getting up on time to get to school.

And I get a little more face time, another vanishingly small unit of time before they’re out of the house (hopefully) for good.

So school’s out and it’s time for fun.

Well, they get to have fun. For parents, it’s just more of the same. Only hotter. With more kids underfoot.

Don’t trip.

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Dude Food: A Sticky Situation

by Richard

I cook dinner for the Jones compound just about every night. And, just about every night, the best I can expect after is — perhaps — a burp and a murmured, “That didn’t stink” from some obnoxious young dudes. Last night, though. . . Last night, they all couldn’t stop raving about what a great dinner it was.

And now I’m going to share it with you.

First, though, let’s talk about a dish that I make for the young dudes that they love. It’s called “chicken onna stick,” made in the spirt of one C.M.O.T. Dibbler, although with meat you can identify. It’s basically chicken tenderloins, marinated in a Thai peanut sauce customized by me, and then stuck on skewers and grilled on the outdoor grill. It’s a dish everyone loves. I have had to make up to three pounds of the stuff to satisfy the appetites in the past. Chicken onna stick is a huge hit on the Jones compound.

So, my wife, known to me as She Who Must Be Buying Something In A Store, No Matter What, saw a cookbook that she just knew I would love to have. And she was right.

This cookbook has some pretty cool recipes. I made the fudge puppies (on a stick) and the breakfast in a bun on a stick. Not only was it fun to do, they each tasted great.

The breakfast in a bun was simple once I made a few adjustments. I took a turkey sausage and stuck it on a wooden skewer. Then I mixed up some pancake mix and added some sugar and cinnamon. (The cookbook authors wanted me to make a hand-made pancake batter from scratch. Hah! Yeah, right.) I heated up a couple of cups of canola oil. I dipped the sausages in the pancake batter and then fried them up in the oil.

When the sausages were finished, we ate them by dipping the concoction into warm syrup. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Delicious.

For the fudge puppies, I toasted several waffles. Then I tore them into strips and stuck them on a stick. Once all put together, I froze the waffles again for about an hour. Toward the end of the hour, I melted milk chocolate chips and then dipped the frozen waffles into the melted chocolate. Also delicious.

Dudes, the eaters couldn’t stop raving about how good this stuff was. Again and again and again. I even had them thanking me for making such a delicious dinner.

I loved it. If you’re interested in fun cooking, you’ve got to give this book a try.

I can’t wait to make some more of these wonderful dishes. Author Matt Armendariz should be proud. This is the good stuff.

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