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These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For

by Richard

This classic line by Obi-Wan is one of the great movie scenes of mind control. It’s from the original Star Wars and, seriously, I love it. It’s something I do often with the little dudes. By now, of course, they’re sick of it, but I still find it funny.

Now, you’re thinking this is solely the province of science fiction or fantasy. There’s no way you could control the minds of a storm trooper, much less more ordinary people. Even those who don’t have weak minds.

Well, you’re thinking wrong. Very, very wrong.

There’s a magician, sort of, named Derren Brown. He specializes in illusion, mind reading and mind control. And what you’ll see when you click on the link here is nothing short of amazing. Seriously. Make with the clicky. I’ll wait.

Okay, how spooky was that? I mean, that dude just caused folks to all raise their hands. Without asking for it or anything. He was just talking, slipping in a few important, coded messages (which I’m guessing you could understand all had to do with “up”) and — viola — raised hands. That thing is amazing.

It’s definitely something I wish I could do. And much more quickly at that. I could get Sarcasmo to ditch his nickname. I could talk Zippy the Monkey Boy into being nicer to his brothers. I could talk Speed Racer into slowing down a little. I could talk my wife, known to me as She Who Wants It When She Wants It, into more se– Um, never mind that last one.

What I’m saying is that this could be massively useful. If only I didn’t have to devote years to learning and perfecting this trick. Oh well. I guess my laziness is good for the mental health of those around me. And that’s the first time that has ever happened.

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