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Memorial Day

by Richard

Here in the United States, today is a special day.

Although most of us celebrate Memorial Day with bar-b-que’s and trips to the beach or the lake or the pool, using it as an excuse to welcome summer into our lives, the reasons behind it actually call for a bit more reflection and seriousness.

Memorial Day is for remembering those women and men who gave their lives in service to our country. That is, if they were serving in the armed forces and they died, then this is the day set aside for us to remember their sacrifice.

Being the dudes left behind, and the ones who benefited from their service, it’s incumbent on us to make sure we do something to remember them. Whether it be a parade or even a quiet moment of reflection, take the time to consider where we as a country would be without those who would protect our borders and our way of life.

And realize that for their sacrifice not to be in vain, we need to make sure we fight against any and all erosions to our civil liberties that politicians today keep trying to foist off on us in the name of protection, the lying liars.

Fight for freedom.

Enjoy your Memorial Day.

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Like Your Civil Liberties? Get Your Senator To Vote No On S. 2105

by Richard

Yep, they’re at it again.

After failing to pass a draconian cybersecurity measure that would assume not only are you a criminal, but that you should be under the constant watch of government surveillance with SOPA, the US Senate is trying to pass CISPA.

It’s the same thing, only worse.

It’s up to you to contact your senator to talk to him or her and ask that their vote be against Lieberman-Collins, also known as the SECURE IT ACT and S. 2105.

Seriously, dudes, this is some tremendously bad mojo. The vote is expected to occur sometime after Monday, so we’ve still got time to act.

The best way you can make a difference, is to go to privacyisawesome.com, an advocacy website that will do the hard work and let you get heard by your senator. They work hard, and you reap the benefits. How can that be beat?

I’ve already been over there once and sent an e-mail and have worked making calls to my senator into my daily schedule. Give it a try. Just a single call might be enough to tip the balance. Make that call yours.

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Down, Down, Down

by Richard

Hey, dudes.

Sorry for the mopes here, but I’m still a bit down in the dumps that my fellow North Carolinians decided it would be a good idea to restrict the civil liberties of a substantial portion of our citizenry with a stupid constitutional amendment.

Let’s face it: the reason people are against letting same-sex marriages go through is they’re squicked out by the thought of two men getting it on (or strangely attracted to the idea), so they want to get rid of it. Now, I’ve seen a lot of the women involved in this sort of thought-experiment-gone-wrong movement and I personally get squicked out by the thought of them getting it on. But you don’t see me spearheading a drive to have it declared illegal to marry them, do you?

No. No, you do not.

Not only that, but this opens up a whole ‘nother can of worms. I mean, how are they going to determine who’s a man and who’s a woman? Yes, I’m serious with that one.

There are genetic men who have had sex-reassignment surgery and are now living as women. There are genetic women who have had  sex-reassignment surgery and are now living as men. There are genetic disorders that give people more sex chromosomes than most people. Heck, Jamie Lee Curtis has an XY sex chromosome and you wouldn’t call her a man, would you?

It’s ridiculous, is what it is.

Two consenting adults should have the ability to marry and be legally supportive of each other if they want to do so.

And we just went ahead and took that right away from people because 60% of North Carolinians don’t like thinking about what those people do in their bedrooms. Grow up, people.

Sorry for the rant. You’re just lucky I accidentally deleted the one that was three times this long and filled with a lot more curse words. We’ll be back to normal tomorrow.

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