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It’s A Dogfish Eat Dogfish World Out There*

Every once in a while, there comes a picture that is so awesome, so fantastic, so amazing it would be a crime not to share it with as many people as possible.

I’ve actually stumbled upon one of those pictures. I’m going to go ahead and show the picture now and then talk about it later

I can see dead pixels. (a reddit joke)
A sand tiger shark completely chows down on a 1-meter dogfish.

because you dudes and dudettes really do need to see this picture.

Really? Seriously?

Yes, seriously.

It’s not photoshopped. It actually happened.

According to a Facebook post from the ORB Lab, its researchers were out in Delaware Bay searching for tagged sharks as part of an effort to better understand shark behavior. What they came up with is in that photo: It’s a dogfish being swallowed by a sand tiger shark.

Again, yes. Seriously.

We caught one large female on our first line Friday, but we were not expecting to catch her like this! This unlucky smooth dogfish couldn’t resist the menhaden used as bait and, unfortunately, fell victim to one of the top predators in the bay. The dogfish was about 3 feet (1 meter) long and completely swallowed by the sand tiger shark.

ORB Lab, by the way, stands for Ocean exploration, Remote sensing, Biogeography Laboratory and is based out of the University of Delaware in Newark, DE.

After reading through the post and marveling at the picture for a while, I made the mistake of cruising through the comments. I say mistake because it reminded me that there are some people who consider episodes I, II, and III to be actual parts of the Star Wars movie sequence. (They aren’t. They’re only a mass hallucination, brought on by a bad bit of beef or something.) Anyway, the commenter had a good quote: “There’s always a bigger fish.”

I guess the smooth dogfish found that out, poor little dude.

What you don't see is the huge fish just off the right border.
by Robert Mankoff

I can only be happy for the researchers that they didn’t find the rest of the drawing, because the fish at the end of the line would have sported one huge set of jaws. What drawing, you ask? Why, this one of course.

The little fish says, “There is no justice in the world.” The middle fish says, “There is some justice in the world.” The big fish says, “The world is just.” Again, I’m guessing the big fish says that because she hasn’t taken the time to look behind her in a little while.

It’s a sports axiom: There’s always someone better than you, stronger than you, faster than you, bigger than you. But do you want it more? Okay, sure, that probably motivates in sports, but I really don’t see the dogfish turning the tables on the sand tiger shark. Although that probably would have made for an even better picture.

*Yes, I realize the title isn’t completely accurate, but, come on. Did you actually think I would pass up the opportunity to use a pun this awful and horrible out in public? No, of course I wouldn’t. I don’t think I could pass this one up even if I wanted to leave it alone. Which I didn’t. Clearly.

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Chow Down

by Richard

The Christmas holidays are, by their very nature, just begging to sneak up behind you and whack you in the head with the heavy stick. (As opposed to the ugly stick. We’re going to assume that happened a long time ago. Not to you, though. That other guy. Over there. See?) I mean, look at the holiday’s main icon, Santa Claus. A jolly fat man, amirite? Of course I am.

This then is Christmas stress busting tip number three. Don’t pig out over the holidays. I know it’s traditional to eat like you’re going to the gallows tomorrow during Thanksgiving and Christmas, but that sort of thing really ain’t good for you.

You start packing on the pounds, noticing a little (more?) flab around the middle and you start getting worried about what you’re going to have to do to lose it all again. I know people who start stressing over how they’re going to fit in more gym time during the new year when they’re already so busy with work and the kids and the family. It’s going to be next to impossible, but. . . Maybe if they get up at 4 a.m. each morning, they can slip down to the gym, work out and then get back to the house for breakfast or, better yet, get into the office early and get more work done.

I don’t know about you dudes, but to me that sounds like a recipe for stress. Unrelenting, self-imposed stress.

And it’s all (or relatively most of it) avoidable.

Instead of filling your plate with sugary sweet goodness, just take enough to give yourself a nice taste. Instead of making huge portions of each part of the meal, again just sample. You’ll still get full and you’ll still have all those great flavors. It’s just that you’ll be able to walk after the dinner instead of roll. Always a good thing.

And speaking of Christmas dinner and the like, there’s nothing that says it has to be an elaborate retake of Thanksgiving. Heck, last year we had lasagna, made from homemade sauce. The homemade sauce does take a while, but we made it far in advance.

What I’m trying to say is that eating during Christmas doesn’t have to be an ordeal. There are many ways to do it. Why not choose the way that doesn’t require you to almost work yourself to death to accomplish it?

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