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The Best Kind Of Candy

The best kind of candy is the kind you didn’t know you had.

I’m not talking about specific types of candy. I mean, that’s not even a contest.

Everyone knows that the best candy is Reese’s peanut-butter cups in whichever configuration is on sale at the moment. Be it eggs, trees, jack-o-lanterns or just plain cups, Reese’s peanut butter candies are the absolute best.

Hands down. End of competition. Drops the mic and walks away.Reese's peanut butter eggs are the very best candy ever in the history of sweet, sweet candy. I love them more than any other candy.

However. . .

That being said, I do believe that there is only one way that Reese’s could be better. It’s the same way that every other candy also can become better.*

And that’s if you find it even though you thought you were out.

Here it is, a week past the last candy-giving holiday, one in which the giving of Reese’s peanut butter eggs is almost considered mandatory, and I thought I’d long finished the candy I purchased to give away to the various members of Casa de Dude, be they on the mailing list or be they getting it by hand.

The odds of any sort of candy lasting a week in this house are slim and none and slim just left the building. Mostly to go meet with his nickname support group. He’s a big guy, Slim.

Anywho. . .

In Casa de Dude, candy gets eaten. Even when my wife, known to me as She Who Must Be Avoiding Carbs Like A Vampire Avoids Roasted Garlic Steaks**, has been known to chow down on candy that’s been forced into her mouth and made to swallow. Or that has been left out. Or that has been hidden away in a not-very-good hiding place, like, say, behind the fridge, under a decoy pile of trash.

We like our candy, is what I’m saying.

Hyper Lad especially. Which, come to think of it, might have something to do with his nickname.

In the normal course of events, candy goes quickly in this house. Which I thought was what had happened to the three Reese’s peanut butter eggs that I found yesterday. I immediately checked to make sure they were left over from a week ago, not a year and a week ago. Not that it would have stopped me from eating them, but I at least felt slightly more virtuous this way.

There were three. By coincidence, there are three members of the family still living inside the friendly confines of Casa de Dude at the moment. What luck! What fortune!

What are you, nuts? Of course I didn’t tell them about my find. I mean, I might have. If the candy had lasted longer than the 2.4377281374 minutes it took me to rip them from their hiding place, unwrap them and shove them all into my mouth.

Nom. Nom. Nom.

And they were delicious. So delicious, in fact, that the wonderful taste easily overpowered the tiny, shrieking nubbin of guilt that got swallowed along with the found candy.

mmmmmmmmm caaaaaaannnnddyyyyy mmmmmmm

Footnotes & Errata

* With the exception of Twizzlers or Red Vines. There is nothing that can make those two appalling misnomers for candy taste better than the sludge from which they’re made. ick
* See what I did there? It is a pune, or play on words.

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Dad Fu, Animal Style

Listen up, dudes. I believe I’ve stumbled on the ultimate martial art.

No, really. This time I swear I’m not just passing along one of those ads you find in the back of old comic books that tell you how to become the hero of the beach and kick sand into the faces of people who once slighted you and then steal their girl.

I’m completely serious.

See, it started when I was watching how the four-legged members of our Casa de Dude operate around each other. We’ve had three of the little critters in the house at the time. Since then, the oldest — Big Fat Cat — has passed on to the big food bowl in the sky. Or a pit in the back yard. Either way.

Dug the dog likes squirrels.
Dug the dog is the movie-fied version of Buzz. The old, crotchety guy in the glasses? Totally not me. Totally.

Moving on.

In addition to Big Fat Cat, we have the orange Twitchy Cat and Buzz, the Garbage Disposal That Walks Like A Dog. In addition to eating anything too slow to move out of his way, Buzz also is the type to bark at squirrels, birds, moles, chickens, other dogs, people at the door, people walking by in the street, people four streets over that might possibly be thinking about maybe knocking on someone else’s door. Bark and charge, that’s Buzz’s motto.

Buzz doesn’t want to hurt any of these small, furry and twitchy animals. Really. He doesn’t. All he wants to do is hug them. With his teeth. It’s completely different.

You’d think with Buzz’s bark and charge ethos, he’d have produced a (more) psychotic (than normal) cat from the constant chasing. But that’s not totally true.

Big Fat Cat, back when he was alive, got along quite well with Buzz. BFC would be sitting on the floor of a room and Buzz would explode inside. BFC didn’t move. Buzz would run up to BFC, then pull up. Puzzled.

BFC didn’t move. Buzz would look confused. Normally, by this time, he’d be haring off after the spastic furry animal he’d charged. Nope. BFC didn’t move at all.

Eventually, Buzz would get bored and wander off looking for excitement.

Twitchy Cat was a completely different story. Both cats are huge strings of exposed nerves. They are cats, after all. BFC just didn’t show it.

Twitchy Cat shows it when he’s asleep. When he’s awake. When he’s sitting still(ish). When he’s eating and drinking. There’s a reason he’s called Twitchy Cat.

TC’s approach to Buzz was completely different than was BFC’s. Mostly in the fact that TC’s approach was to run away as fast as felinely possible, wailing like to end the world.

Which would, of course, set off Buzz’s Imminent Teeth Hugging Time alarm and he’d be chasing after TC as fast as his stubby legs could carry him.

Two cats, basically the same. One dog. Two different reactions.

So what was the difference?

I’ll tell you, dudes. The difference was Big Fat Cat projected an attitude of “I don’t care. You can’t make me care. Why are you still here?”

Twitchy Cat immediately freaked right the freak out, which triggered the chase. I’d call it the chase reflex, but the word reflex connotes that it is off sometimes.

And here was my big revelation: Show fear and you’re doomed.

Just as we talked about yesterday in that negativity is a choice, and your attitude can change the way you approach life, here’s another example of attitude over aptitude.

If the world sees you freaking out, it’s just gonna go at you all the harder. Mostly just for kicks. If you’re a rock, solid, just going about your business while the world falls apart, the bad crazy stuff will get bored and wander off to find a butt to sniff.

Metaphorically speaking.

Take a breath. Stare down the bad crazy and then go your own way. A martial art for life, not fighting.

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Dude Review: The Snugg iPad Case

Gadgets, to paraphrase the inimitable Gordon Gecko, are good.

I love gadgets, dudes. I really, really do.

I mean, if I had the money, I’d probably have tablets of all sizes littering the floor of Casa de Dude, not to mention smart watches scattered over the top of my desk, futurephones of all sizes and operating systems, computers of all sizes. . . You name it. If it’s tech and it’s cool, I’d love to have it.

Even better than all the tech, is all the goodies that go along with the hardware.

Which brings me to today’s post. I was contacted by The Snugg, a website that offers for sale a bunch of goodies that go along with the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini, along with other similar tech. The Sugg offers some tremendously cool carrying cases and physical extensions for said tablet/phone tech.

Apparently knowing of my proclivity toward tech stuff, a member of the The Snugg team contacted me and asked if I’d like to try out one of their products.409_129939273053106250iPad3-Lead

I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Thinking ahead, I decided to test out and keep the case for the iPad 3. In pink. Yeah, dudes, I was planning on having She Who Must Be Appeased do the testing and then keep the nice gift. All on the QT, of course. As far as she’s concerned, I’m just — out of the blue — purchasing a lovely new pink case for her iPad.

So, uh. . . Let’s just keep this between ourselves, yeah?

Not the case, though. That you can shout to the far corners. Known formally as the Snugg iPad3 Case Cover and Flip Stand in Candy Pink PU Leather, I quickly learned to love the case.

This is a very nice carrying case for the iPad. For starters, it’s a truly gorgeous shade of pink. When I opened the box, I was almost shocked by the very pinkness of the thing. When The Snugg said the case was pink, I’ll admit, I was a bit hesitant to believe.

This, though, was a hot pink all the way through. Lined with a soft covering inside to protect the iPad screen, the case cover has an exterior made from PU Leather. It doesn’t stink, but I’m guessing the PU means this isn’t real leather. That’s all right, though.

The case feels like real leather, but it’s exceedingly resistant to damage. Not that I intentionally tried to damage the case, but life in Casa de Dude is tough. Stuff happens. Like, all the time. You know?

This case? It stood up to all the stuff and came through looking sweet. Metaphorically smelling like the proverbial pink rose, if I can be allowed to mix a really horrible metaphor and, considering this is my site, I’m going to say I can. I can.

Moving on.

In addition to a good look and feel, the case cover also is a nicely working piece of kit. When you close the cover, a magnet in the cover clicks with the iPad and turns it off. When you open the cover, the reverse works and the iPad turns on, ready for you to get to work.

Now, I got my (or should I say, She Who Must Be Feeling Pretty Good About Me Right Around Now’s case) for free, but you can get it right now for only $34.99, which is a good $15 off it’s normal price. In addition, provided you plunk down a bit more than that $15, you’ll get free shipping to go along with the The Snugg‘s lifetime guarantee.

All in all, I’d say this is a very sweet deal. Provided the rest of the The Snugg‘s products live up to the high standards set with my iPad 3 case cover, I’m pretty sure we can give this a very high recommendation.

Head on over to The Snugg’s website and give the place a look. I think you’ll be glad you did.

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