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School’s Out

by Richard

School’s out for summer!

I’ll pause here to allow the cheers and screams and sheer undulations of joy to subside from the young dude peanut gallery that’s now got far too much time on its hands.

All done? Good.

Anyway, it’s an odd last day of school here at Casa de Dude. Sarcasmo bounced back from college during the first semester of last year, so he’s been out of school. Zippy the Monkey Boy went to a private school and had all A’s in his classes so didn’t have to study for or take final exams so he’s been out for several weeks and only had to go back to school last week to graduate.

It’s only Hyper Lad who’s counting today as the official first day of summer. The price we pay for allowing them to get older, I guess.

I still say we should dip them in amber sometime around six or so. That way, they never have to get into that cynical or sarcastic phase in which all parents are idiots and the world stinks. And we never have to deal with pre-puberty and puberty mood swings.

Unfortunately, every time I bring that up, people start looking at me strange and I get a visit from child protective services.


It’s been difficult to keep Hyper Lad on task these last couple of weeks, what with his brothers home and not doing any sort of school. He is seriously ticked off that he can’t stay up late and sleep late and not go to school. Not that I blame him, of course. I mean, since his End of Grade tests have ended a couple of weeks back, he’s been doing — essentially — nothing of value in school.

Still, it’s something all school-age dudes have to suffer through.

Now it’s all over. School’s out for the summer, so no more eight hours of school each day, and the young dudes get to stay home all the time.

Which is something all parent-age dudes have to suffer through.

Even with a house full of young dudes, all filled to the brim with a horrible concoction of hormones and energy, there still is something worthwhile to cling to: only a little over two months until school starts again.

Nah. Just kidding. I love having them home. I don’t have to harangue anyone about homework or tests or projects or getting up on time to get to school.

And I get a little more face time, another vanishingly small unit of time before they’re out of the house (hopefully) for good.

So school’s out and it’s time for fun.

Well, they get to have fun. For parents, it’s just more of the same. Only hotter. With more kids underfoot.

Don’t trip.

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Monkeying Around

by Richard

If you live in or near Charlotte, you need to hurry. Monkey Joe’s is having a customer appreciation weekend that ends tonight. We’re talking a good time for all involved.

Monkey Joe’s is a great place for the little dudes. It’s filled to the brim with huge inflatables. I’m not just talking the ordinary type of huge, this is mountainously huge.

When I was on top of one of them, I started to get dizzy and short of breath, it was that big. Of course, the little dudes racing around and past me weren’t having any of those sorts of problems. Maybe that says more about me than about the height, but, well, you know.

Anyway, the good folks at Monkey Joe’s in Pineville (and they are good folks in all senses of the words, but that’s another post) want to let you have a great time. While your little dudes and dudettes are having a great time.

The first nine in line each day will get half off any birthday parties booked that day. In addition, you can get $50 off on any party booked in person for a Monday-Friday and $75 off for a personally booked party that takes place on Saturday of Sunday.Finally, there’ll be an hourly drawing for free stuff, including a free birthday party.

Sounds like a good deal to me.

Check out their website for more details. You really don’t want to miss out on this one.

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I think my oldest little dude, Sarcasmo, has become mythical. Now that it’s summer and he doesn’t have anywhere he has to be, he’s spending a lot (and I mean a lot) of time upstairs either in his room or the family room. I seem to only see him at meal times and then only for seconds as he vacuums up his food and then disappears.

In fact, I’m seeing him so little that I’m thinking of sending a cryptozoologist out to look for him, just to validate my belief that Sarcasmo is still alive and well. Just not visible. The cryptozoologist will probably come back with some sort of Bigfoot photo. Won’t that be wonderful?

I remember back in the dim, dark days of yesteryear when the dinosaurs still ruled the earth and we had to walk uphill both ways to and from school to get an education, that I was, well, sort of anti-social as well. When I was his age. Sort of.

I distinctly remember going down to Houston to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins. I took a cowboy hat along. And a big coat. As soon as we hit the home of our relatives, I put on the coat and hat. Then I pulled down the brim of the hat in front so you couldn’t see my face. I then spent as much time as possible with my back against the wall, my head down and my hat over my eyes. I was playing sea urchin and daring anyone to come too close to my spine. I’m sure my parents, aunt and uncle were too busy trying not to laugh to really appreciate the angst I felt.

All of which gives me a little sympathy for ol’ Sarsmo. I — dimly — remember what it’s like to be 16 and know that you’re under the thumb of the dumbest people in the entire world. People who can’t see what’s so plain to you, that you really do know everything. And they’re idiots. So why won’t they just do what you tell them to do?

It’s a very clear, very logical mindset. When you’re his age, that is. So we’re giving him a little space. Space to brood. To fill up the room with angst. To think about how unfair the world is and how he’d change it for the better if he were in charge.

Oh yeah. And to read a lot of books and watch a lot of TV. I mean, it’s not like he’s forgotten the important things in life, you know?

— Richard

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