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I Used To Like Learning

by Richard

I used to think I would always love to learn. My idea of heaven would be living in a university, taking any class I wanted and never having to worry about graduating. So, learning good. Until I took this vacation with Zippy the Monkey Boy to San Francisco.

Over the last year or so, Zippy the Monkey Boy has become something of a gear head, thanks largely to the BBC America show Top Gear. That horrible show

Okay, fine. It’s actually a pretty good show. But not in such high doses. It’s done something horrible to the brain of poor Zippy the Monkey Boy.

For instance, we were walking down the streets of Sausalito on a sunny, wonderful day. Many good-looking women wearing bikinis were walking down the street. And the young dude was busy scoping out the Porche rolling down the street.

I’ve spent the last four days drowning in a sea of automobile information. I knoe his favoritee car. The first time he ever saw a supercar (whatever that is) and why it’s always an abomination when any of the big three sports car makers barfs up a sedan.

I think the longest time he went without talking about a car was five hours. He was asleep att the time. Of course, he slept for 10 hours, so he got in a little sleep talking just to keep up the averages.

I think I’m ready for the  trip to end just so I can look at a street without wondering what auutomotive fact I’m going to be  learning next.

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