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Yoga Dad Turns Cancer To A Positive

Yoga dad Dennis Ingui has a story to tell that all you dudes need to hear.

Now, I don’t normally turn over the precious white space here at A Dude’s Guide very often, much less three times in less than a week, but this is a special case. See, a friend of mine told me about Dennis and, once she did, I knew I’d have to have him share his story here with all of you. It’s a long story, so I’m going to have a jump that I want you to follow and I think you will.

This yoga dad is more than a health nut, more than a cancer survivor, more than a business man. Although he’d probably fight against anyone telling him this, he’s a bit of an inspiration. But let’s hear the story from Dennis’ mouth instead of mine.

Despite completely changing my life starting with a yoga practice at the age of 48, I wouldn’t call it a mid-life crisis.  

My mid-life turnaround was brought about after a stunning diagnosis of prostate cancer and surgery. What began as a journey of recovery and self-discovery has grown into a new business venture, mentorship for other budding entrepreneurs and a path toward philanthropy, touching the lives of children and adults across the globe.

Born and raised in the Bronx, I’ve always been athletic and physically fit. Which meant I was thrown completely off guard after a cautionary check up with my urologist showed a slightly rising PSA test. I will never forget the moment I received a call from the doctor on my way to the airport for a business trip. Immediately, I turned the car around and my wife and I went straight to the doctor. Within a few weeks, I was scheduled for surgery.

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Aurora Borealis In The Air

by Richard

See, now this is why I love the internet. I stumbled on the following video while basically trying to wake up one morning. Yeah, I know. That probably says more about me than anything, that I’m on the computer before I’m really awake, but we’ll leave that for now.

Back to the video.

Here’s the deal. This dude was flying from San Francisco to Paris’s Charles De Gaulle airport. On the way there, he found that he had a whole row to himself. So, and I don’t know why he thought this, but I’m glad he did, he set up his single-lens reflex camera on a tripod and put it on his row’s floor and pointed it out the window.

Every few minutes, he took a picture out the window and then combined the snaps into a time-lapse movie. It’s actually pretty amazing. The reason for the amazement is that the trip from San Francisco to Paris is a trans-polar route. That is, the plane flew north and went over the North Pole before headed back south to Paris.

He was able to capture some amazing shots of the aurora borealis, the amazing northern lights. The northern lights are, as we all know, charged particles in the upper atmosphere reacting with charged particles from the solar wind. Beautiful lights.

So, here, have a look and enjoy.


SF to Paris in Two Minutes from Beep Show on Vimeo.

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