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The Cool Exec With The Heart Of Steel

Iron Man 3, the latest Marvel Comics movie, was, as I told you dudes on Friday, awesome!

How awesome, you ask? Good question. Why not take this poll and find out?

But this trilogy of Iron Man movies isn’t the first time we’ve been introduced to the Armored Avenger or his alter ego, Tony Stark.

There was a cartoon series in 1966-67 and it had, possibly, the best theme song . . . evar! It’s just about the cheesiest thing I’ve ever heard. Give it a listen and I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s less than 30 seconds out of your life.


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The Itsy-Bitsy Spider

by Richard

Well-known face: I am a comic-book geek. Slightly less-well-known fact: the Spider-Man you might have known and — perhaps — loved is dead.

Sort of.

Here’s the deal. Marvel Comics, which publishes Spider-Man and a host of other comic-booky characters (not Batman or Superman or Green Lantern, though), has a couple of different imprints. Their main publishing line is anchored by Spider-Man, who is the heroic alter ego of Peter Parker. That’s the dude you’ve seen in the various cartoons and movies throughout the year.

Marvel also publishes a line of comics called (with absolutely no hubris or self-congratulations at all) Ultimate Comics. Basically, that’s their regular comic characters, but off into a corner where the creators can do things they couldn’t do in the mainstream versions. One of the things they did recently was to kill off Peter Parker.

On it’s own, that’s pretty heady stuff. Because this time, unlike with the death of Superman a decade or so back, they really mean it. Peter Parker is dead. Spider-Man, though, will live on. And that’s what’s causing the problem.

You might have noticed people in actual media, mostly right-wing hate fests, have been making something of this because the new Spider-Man is a half-black, half-latino young dude named Miles Morales. Yeah, Spider-Man in Marvel’s Ultimate Comics universe is no longer a white dude.

And people, mostly (it should be noted) white people, are freaking the heck out.

Which is, to me, absolutely astonishing. Not to mention appalling. People are getting all upset because Spider-Man is going from being a white dude that can crawl on walls to a half-black, half-latino (blatino?) kid who can crawl on walls. I just don’t get the furor.

As long as they can tell good stories with Miles Morales, what’s the anger about? Now, I might be reaching here a little bit, but I think I might be smelling the subtle sent of racism here. There are actual people who (without even laughing at the absurdity of the statement) are complaining about this because they think there are too many minorities in, not only society, but in our comic books.

This is just absolutely nuts.

I, personally, am really looking forward to seeing what Miles Morales will do as Spider-Man. The only thing I know about the young dude is that he is different than Peter Parker, that he has had different life experiences than the Peter Parker who was created in 1962. The thing is, the world was different in 1962. We, as society, are different than we were 50 years ago. Isn’t it about time that our fictional characters started reflecting that? And telling us good stories in a way that they couldn’t be used when they were all part of the dominant culture of the country?

Well, yeah. And, seriously, I think the only people really upset about all this are old dudes who don’t understand one thing: Spider-Man, be he Peter Parker or Miles Morales, is a hero and that’s all that matters to the young readers who are going to be discovering the new dude in a couple of months.

These guys, though. . . They get it.


I just wish more people got it the way they do.

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by Richard

No, that’s not a misprint, nor am I talking about Clark Kent’s alter ego after being stuck in the Haunted Buffet of the Seventh Dimension for the past nine years. (He’d be fat and round. Get it?) {Okay, never mind that bit.}

I am talking about the actual moon. It seems that tonight’s full moon is going to be something special. Too bad all you werewolves will have to miss out on it. (Werewolves? There! There wolves!) I have it on good authority that wolves don’t spend all that much time gazing at the moon.


Getting past all the tangents, tonight’s full moon is going to be huge. See, tonight the moon will be at perigee in its orbit around Earth. What that means is that it will be as close to the Earth as it ever gets while orbiting our Big Blue Marble. (Just for the record, the point at which an object is farthest from the center of its orbit is called apogee.) While that’s basically only a difference of 30,000 miles (or about 50,000 kilometers), it can make for a massive change in how the moon looks from your house.

Okay, sure, this sort of thing (a full moon at perigee) happens just about  once every 413 days, this is still a pretty super thing, dudes.

What makes it super is that – on the day of the March 2011 full moon – the moon will also be closest to Earth for the month. The March 19 full moon will be 221,567 miles from Earth, in contrast to the moon’s average distance of about 239,000 miles. No full moon will be this close to Earth again until November 14, 2016.

With the full moon so close (speaking relatively, of course, since it’ll still be 221,567 miles away), this will make for a great time to set up a tripod and get some great pictures of the moon.

Grab one of your young dudes or dudettes and hit the streets with your camera. I can’t wait to head out. I’m going to try for a shot of Hyper Lad in the foreground and the moon over his shoulder. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Unless, of course, I run afoul of the werewolves prowling the full–moon-lit moors.

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