The 3 C’s of Being a Super Daddy Dude

Cool, Calm and Collected

Dude, kids can drive you crazy. I’m not cool, calm and collected all the time, but if I was I’d be the Super Daddy Dude. Here are the secrets of the 3 C’s:

Cool: Dudes always give yourself a second extra to react

Calm: Dudes react in a calm fashion

Collected: Dudes gather their thoughts and emotions before acting

I’m telling you Dude, the 3 C’s are the secret to being a Super Daddy Dude.
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Three Safety Tips for Dude’s With Kids

  1. Don’t leave the kid alone… EVER!
  2. Don’t leave the kid alone… EVER!
  3. Memorize Rule 1 & 2 and go watch your kid!!! NOW

Honestly, don’t do stupid things like:

  • Leave the kid on the changing table so that they can fall off. Happened to a fellow Dude of mine.
  • Assume you father-in law is watching the kid while she is in the pool. Happend to yours truly. She was about three feet over her head before I was able to jump in and save her while the FIL read the Times.
  • Leave the kid in the car. Unfortuantley happens very often.

BOTTOM LINE LESSON: Don’t leave the kid alone… EVER!!!!!
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Vulcan Mind Manipulation Tricks For Kids

Yesterday I messed up. I asked my son if he wanted green beans with dinner. Of course his response was “no”. Now, I know better than to give a 9 year old a choice here…

Then I rephrased the question to get a more favorable response. “How many green beans do you want three or six?” This Vulcan Mind Manipulation Trick worked and he had three green beans.

So, Dude, any other Vulcan Mind Manipulation tricks our there? Let us know…
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