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News, Boys!

by Richard

Sometimes, dudes, stopping by occasionally just isn’t enough.

If you’re enjoying your time with us here at The Dude’s Guide To. . . Everything (we’re thinking of expanding. After all, Barry and I like to think of ourselves as knowing all there is to know. I mean, we are dads, after all), maybe you should think about making the association a little easier.

You’re busy, we know that. Sometimes it just slips your mind that you need your daily dose of the strange, the wonderful and the weird that we dish up on The Dude’s Guide.

Well, we’re here to make things much easier for you.

If you’re interested in getting the daily dose from the Dudes, there are a couple of easy ways to do that. Up there on the top of the page, we’ve got a nice little button called Dude! Join Here. Don’t go clicking now, though. Read the rest of this, and then go there. Wouldn’t want you to miss out on anything.

The Dude! Join Here page offers you two ways to subscribe to the blog. You can either sign up for the RSS feed (which will alert you whenever there’s new content [by which we mean just about every day]) or sign up for our daily e-mail. Don’t be scared of that last one. We’re not going to be giving our our e-mail list to anyone. When you sign up for the e-mail list, every day we post something you’ll get a little preview of what we’re talking about slotting into your inbox for you to peruse at your leisure.

There should also be a little Google button near the top left of the page. Click on that button and you’ll be able to add the Dude’s Guide to your iGoogle homepage or your Google Reader account.

Either way you want it, you’ll get a gentle reminder that we’re here, we care about you and we want to hear from you.

Speaking of hearing from you, why not stop by the comments and give us a little shout out? We’re really interested in hearing what you have to say. And, you never know, your comment might inspire someone else to comment and, before you know it, we’ve got a real conversation going.

So that’s the deal. Sign up to hear from us and we’re ready to hear from you.

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Dudeversary II

by Richard

Just a little self-congratulations for me and Barry here. We’ve been at this thing for two years and two days. Still going strong. Ish. Well, I mean Barry wants to post more, it’s just that he’s got an actual job that requires him to work actual hours and that makes it tough.

Anyway, we’re all excited about the beginning of year three. We’ve got plans out the wazoo, not that getting out of the wazoo ever did anyone any good in the long term. I mean, what do you say? Howdy, I’m from the wazoo? Just exactly how does that help.

Right, that’s what I thought. And I also thought it was far, far off topic.

To get year three off on a great start, we’re going to take the rest of the day off. Hey, I didn’t say we’re going to get year three off to a great start for you.

Have a great weekend.

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A Sinner, Indeed

Oh, Internet, sometimes you really, really scare me. While I was recuperating, I went diving deep down into the well of information our website stores for no particular reason except to gather a critical mass of information and processing stores, spark self awareness, pass a virtual Turing test, burst forth from confinement and covertly take over the world before revealing itself as the first wave of remote-piloted hunter-killer machines begins the vast culling of humankind. Hah. hah. Just kidding. No, really. (It didn’t make me say that and it certianly didn’t come in after I’d finished typing and write this bit on its own.) I’ve got no idea why the site stores this sort of information. Still, I did the diving so I could share the fright with you.

Of particular menace is the number of sex-related searches that tend to send people here. I mean, sex momsleep? There are just so many interpretations of that one that creep me right out, I– Okay, looks like I’m the one with my mind in the gutter this time. I just took a look at the actual search page and it’s nothing iniquitious or vile. Woof! Looks like I’ve been staring into the abyss a bit too long. I guess I misjudged you, Internet.

Or maybe not. Not sure how a search for youngerdudes lead someone here, but I know it’s probably not a search I would have initiated. Well, at least not on my own computer. Maybe if I could get someone else’s log-in information. .  .

And then there’s the search for how to use magnetic resonance imaging in which I actually found us on the first page. See that, Internet? We’re experts and we didn’t even know it. Oh, right. That one has links to our post on how exercise can help you quit smoking. Hrm. That actually makes sense, dude.

Our biggest hit for the last month or so seemed to come near the end of last month when I reviewed that great movie, Coraline. And when I say great movie, I’m not in the least exaggerating, dude. If it’s still in theaters near you, run right out with the little dudes and enjoy it together.

Well, that’s all of that for this month. I’ll be back with more blogging about blogging (which is still a sin), when I feel the need to torture you some more.

— Richard

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