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Arm Yourselves With Home-Made Mini Crossbows

So this is what it feels like to rule the world through massively overwhelming force.

Or just the battlefield that is my home.

Yes, dudes, when you can weaponize hair clips, you know you’re on This screen grab is from the video posted by and showing you how to create a mini crossbow from hair clips, popsicle sticks, hot glue and twine.the top of the family heap. Luckily for you out there in reader land, I’m feeling in a benevolent mood and I’m going to show you how I learned a method of creating a mini crossbow that can fire wooden matches, either lit or unlit, a distance of several yards.

This, dudes, is how you protect your cube.

Or just annoy the little dudes until they get angry enough to actually build one of their own and start firing back.


A big tip of the hat to my writing pal, The Dragon, for sending me the link that showed me how to create the massive crossbow gap that currently exists in the not-so-friendly-anymore confines of Casa de Dude.

Here’s the clip.

Pretty neat, no?

Pretty neat, yes indeedey oh!

If you’re like me and do better with written instructions, you can go here to download a .pdf listing all the gear you’ll need and the steps necessary to weaponize hair-care products.

I’d love to see whatever you dudes come up with after watching the video and checking out the instructions. Mine didn’t look quite as good as the ones here, but not bad and, even better, it worked.

Thanks to the mini crossbow, I now possess an almost insurmountable advantage in desktop weaponry. I shall rule with my iron fist, velvet glove optional.

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Sunday Showcase: The Fault In Our Stars

I’m not ashamed to admit to you dudes that I cry when reading some books.

Like, for instance, the entire last third of A Prayer for Owen Meany. A more recent tearjerker is the young adult novel The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.

Green rapidly is being known for writing books filled with quirky characters facing odd problems with very witty dialogue. This book, though, isn’t really that odd a problem.

It’s cancer. And the book, while a bit predictable in places, is devastating.

And now they’ve gone and made a movie about it, which surely will be a less involving affair than was the book. Considering the black, black, black humor of the source material, I’m not sure if the movie will be the type to actually make any money.

When one of the biggest running jokes is about a kid who loses his remaining eye to cancer and is blind from then on, you know you’re in some pretty dark territory. No pun intended.

So, anyway, here’s the first trailer for the movie to let you get an idea of what’s going on.


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Sunday Skills: How To Tie A Tie

by Richard

Just so we’re clear, I absolutely hate ties.

I’ve always thought of them as strangulation cloth, something just hanging there, waiting for someone to come along, grab them and then cut off my air. For good.

I might be just a tiny bit paranoid, sure, but I am still here so back off, dude.

Anyway, anyway.

Ties stink. Unfortunately, if you’re going to go anywhere in the world of business (that is, somewhere you don’t have to ask if anyone wants fries with that), you’re going to need to know how to tie a tie. And you’re going to have to wear it.

With that in mind, here’s a nice video on just how to do it. If you must. You poor, poor dude. I’m so sorry.

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