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This is where we can talk about how to be a dude, in general.

Dude On The Move

Dude! I just got back from Grand Cayman. I was a hit. Probably because I was sporting the latest in Dude!wear for folks down there to ask about. Check it out.

— Richard

Dude in Grand CaymanDude in Grand Cayman

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“I Could A Been A Contender…”

There comes a time when all Dudes! need to realize that with age and parenthood your focus needs to change from being a kid to being a Dude!. Now that you are a father, you have two choices. Be an !@#$%^& and keep partying, running around town, playing golf every day and generally acting like every other guy. Or, accept that you now have a more important and better life. You are responsible for another tiny tiny human that needs you emotionally, physically and financially. Dude! stop thinking: “I could a been a contender” and start thinking “I am a contender!” and I need to be the best father out there.

– Barry
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