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Welcome To The Neighborhood Mrs. Copperhead

by Barry

Yesterday morning I was making my coffee (Peets Coffee) and guess who had moved in? Mrs. Copperhead.

It's Time For Your Head Shot Mrs. Copperhead

My wife thinks that I am crazy.  But I cannot justify killing something just because she made Adam eat an apple.

Mrs. Copperhead On Steps

Having watched 10,000 hours of Discovery Channel and Animal Planet I knew how to sweep her into a bucket with a lid and tape it closed.  Then I dropper her off in a nice estuary around the corner.

Mrs. Copperhead As I Found Her

When I told my wife what I did she got mad and told me I should have killed Mrs. Copperhead.  The wife thinks that Mrs. Copperhead is pissed and is going to come back and teach me who’s boss.

Dude!, I thought that I did a good thing by not killing the snake. Now, I’m in the dog house. Again.

I hope Mr. Copperhead doesn’t want to come over for a beer, because is wife is “out of town”,,, I’m not sure I’m up for the company.
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What Does The Tooth Fairy Do For A Chipped Tooth?

by Barry

My daughter has these two massive adult teeth in the front of her seven-year-old mouth.  They are pretty nice, except she chipped one on a metal locker as soon as it came in.  The Fang, as it is now called, seems to be growing much bigger than its brother.  And seems to talk back on its own.  Perhaps I could have her gnaw on some bark or something to file it down.  More likely, though, I think that I need to run to Home Depot and get a file…

I see another $2,500 dental bill coming. I wonder what we can get from the Tooth Fairy for a chip…
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Torn Between Fatherhood and “THE MAN”

by Barry

I recently started a new business ( Friday is probably the most important potential investor meeting I have had.

My problem is that my youngest daughter (4 years old) is sick. I stayed home with her today and she and I had a great time, but she is still feverish. Since my wife is a doctor, her employer provides sick drop-in daycare. Great. But I still feel guilty not being able to take care of her.

Dude!, this sucks.
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