A Dude’s Guide to Babies

Dude, nobody warned us what it was going to be like when we became dads. Nobody took us aside, knuckled our heads and whispered the secrets of being a father. It was a shock like no other the first time we were left alone with our kids. We were lost, out to sea, up to our necks in it.

Well, we survived and our kids survived so we’re here to pass along a little of that hard-won wisdom. Okay, not exactly wisdom, more like experience disguised as wisdom.

So why did we decide to write a blog? After all, there are thousands of blogs about baby rearing by well-respected folks with actual post-graduate degrees and even abbreviations and letters after their names. We’re just two dudes with seven kids between us.
We don’t have formal educations in child rearing and we didn’t attend school to learn anything really useful. However, we do have a lot of experience and a rather different perspective than do most of those authors.

Most of the books we read and most of the books we didn’t read were written by women, for women and only barely mentioned the dudes without whom the book wouldn’t have been needed and the baby wouldn’t have existed. We decided that we needed to write the blog we wished we could have had when we became daddies.

We wanted straight talk. We wanted practical advice. We wanted it all to be wrapped up in a package that was funny enough to keep us interested and short enough to finish quickly so we could catch a few minutes of the game before the baby woke up. In short, we wanted something we could read on the can.

What we got was barely a mention as only a support unit for the mommy, someone to be bossed around and told what to do. It was almost as if having a penis disqualified us from understanding how to take care of a baby.

Well, dude, that just ain’t the case. And we’re here to tell you about it.

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