Sunday Serenade: Upside Down

The only good thing to come out of the horror that was the Curious George movie a couple of years ago was the soundtrack by one Jack Johnson.

To me, he feels like the shore-bound, spiritual heir of Jimmy Buffet’s softer side. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you won’t hear Jack Johnson belting out his own version of Gypsies in the Palace, or Why Don’t We Get Drunk, but I have absolutely no hesitation at recommending him to dudes who like to listen to Havana Daydreaming or Jimmy’s more gentle songs.

With an infectious island beat, a smooth voice and likable lyrics, Jack Johnson is the whole package. It’s a pleasure to listen along to basically any of his songs.

With that, I bring to you Upside Down, from the Curious George soundtrack. I’m not linking to the movie. It was just that bad. Even now I’ve still got scars from watching that terrible thing.

Anyway, the good stuff.


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