Eating His Way Through Life

Zippy the College Boy has always been a bit. . . different.

He was the only of my three little dudes who actually broke out from the norm, diet wise, as he was growing up. Sure, he loved mac and cheese and hot dogs and the like, but he also enjoyed salads from an early age. He preferred hot dogs to burgers and absolutely would not go to Chick Fil A, no matter how much the rest of us enjoyed those delicious, delicious waffle fries.

Which made his recent dietetic switch just a little less astonishing than it might have been.

See, his mother recently decided that she needed to drop a few pounds. Personally, I thought she looked pretty much astonishing as she was, but she decided she needed to lose weight. She’s done it. She cut out almost all carbs and has dropped a significant number of pounds.

So Zippy the College Boy has watched his mom’s slimformation and decided he needed to drop a few pounds as well. Not so much as to lose weight as to get, and I quote, “ripped.” Yeah, I think he’s trying to consider what the lovely ladies down at the University of North Carolina Wilmington might be seeing when he takes off his shirt and hangs out in board shorts.

Nothing like a little advertising.

I can say that now, but in college the only thing my shirtless form was advertising was the need for blindfolds and an effective memory scrub. I understand alcohol worked well for that purpose.


Zippy the College Boy followed his mom down the no-to-low-carb path. Which meant he had to significantly change his eating habits. Gone were the late-night Cheeze-It binges. Gone were snarfing down a bag of Goldfish at any hour of the day. Gone were sandwiches, wraps and fries. It was, as you might expect, a major adjustment.

The thing is, though, he took to it like a duck to water. Once he got into the habit of reaching for nuts, maybe, instead of chips, he really settled into the rhythm of the no-carb.

Now, he’ll eat just about anything. He’s always been open to different foods, from salad to fish, but he’s actually eating low-carb dessert made from ricotta cheese, a very little bit of the sweetener called Stevia, vanilla extract and a bit of peanut butter, and loving it.

He’s trying cheeses that don’t come wrapped in plastic and cut into thin slices. He’s actually looking forward to trying out different kids of meats, cooked in ways other than grill or fry.

I’m loving it, which means I don’t have to put up with nearly as much whining when it comes to dinner time. Of course, when I make something differently spiced or from a different meat than normal, I still have to put up with Hyper Lad moaning and complaining, but I’m finding that easier to ignore now that I’ve got the other two people in the house right now on my side.

Growing up is easier to see. A maturing set of taste buds isn’t nearly as easy to see, but it’s definitely more fun.

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