Sunday Serenade: Groovie Goolies

I’ve been thinking a lot about monsters lately.

Not sure exactly why, but I’ve been considering what it is that makes a monster. Certainly something outsized and significantly different from the normative human body type would be a good place to start. Think the giant kaiju from the just-released movie Pacific Rim. (I’ll be having a review of that one up soon.)

But the scariest monsters to me are the ones who look just like you and me. Well, probably more like me because I know you dudes are much better looking. There’s something inside these monsters that’s just . . . broken. And it’s that expression of the interior brokenness that makes a monster what it is.

So, yeah, a bit depressing to be considering on a wonderful summer day.

Which might explain why I went hunting for this little gem. If you don’t know who the Groovie Goolies are, consider yourself young. Or lucky. Whichever fits best.

I only hope watching this one video won’t be what shoves one of you over the edge into the land of broken things.

Enjoy. If that’s the right word.

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