Howard Stern Is Sti– You Know What? Never Mind. That Joke Is Far Too Stale.

So we hit the airwaves yet again on Monday. Barry and I shared the microphone with a local parenting expert, Dr. Tara Egan and host Mike Collins.

Charlotte Talks is a public affairs talk show on WFAE 90.7 FM, which is NPR’s Charlotte affiliate. Yep, we were on NPR. And, dudes, it was a lot of fun. Not sure if everyone in Charlotte was talking to us, but we did get a bunch of calls and e-mails and not all of them were blisteringly, savagely upset with us for having done something appalling.

Not all of them.Richard miked

Dr. Egan is the founder of Charlotte Parent Coaching, which is an organization dedicated to helping moms and dads become the best parents they can. Sounds like a worthy goal to us. Not only is she a pretty knowledgeable parenting coach, she also blogs over at Do These Kids Make Me Look Crazy, which sounds like just our sort of thing. And, after checking it out, I found it really is.

She’s definitely got the funny bone.

Because Barry is off in Florida this week, he had to call into the show on the phone, which made it a little bit more difficult as we couldn’t see each other to know who’s turn it was to make a fool of himself at that moment. Fortunately, Dr. Egan and Mike Collins did a great job answering and asking questions.

I managed to sound like I knew what I was talking about, which, oddly, is my super power. Actually knowing? Not so much, but I do sound like I know. It’s a subtle, but distinct difference.

That’s me, over there on the right, trying to take a picture of myself behind the mic, simultaneously not looking too stupid to be allowed to drive away when the interview is over. I think I managed to succeed. Barely. Although I noticed neither the host nor the other guest took any pictures. I guess I’m much more easily impressed. Well, either that or I like to take pictures because I’m not going to remember it.

So, anyway, it was definitely a good time. And Mike Collins was kind enough to mention A Dude’s Guide to Babies numerous times and often in a complimentary fashion.

He asked some difficult questions, but I think Barry and I rose to the challenge.

As soon as I find out where I can get my digital hands on a copy of the audio from Monday, I’ll make sure to let you know so the four of you out there who really want to hear our voices can go ahead and do so.

Until then. . .

We’ll see you tomorrow.

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