Bad Decisions Have Lasting Consequences

I’ve lost my hear so many different ways.

I’ve told kids I lost my hair because I put fun colors in it and all the hair fell out. I’ve told them that I played with fireworks and it all got burned off. I’ve told them I wore hats too much and it all fell out. Basically, if I want to mess with a little dude, I’ll tell him that whatever he’s doing is what caused my hair to fall out.

Sure it’s a cheap laugh, but I’ll take them when I can get them.

This, though, isn’t about how I lost my hair, but about what I did with it before I lost it.

I was talking with some of the fourth-graders in Ms. S’s class at Awesome Elementary School. We were discussing how characters in books can sometimes make bad decisions and how those bad decisions can have an effect on the character down the line. It was a prelude to talking to them about how we all, in our real lives, can make bad decisions that, at the time, seem like good ideas.

Which is when I brought up the high-school ‘fro. That I wore. Every summer during high school.

high-school 'fro

Yeah, that’s me over there on the right from when I was in high school. No, my hair didn’t do that on its own. That, dudes, is the result of many hours in a beauty salon, praying that no one I knew walked in while I was wearing all those many, many curlers.

What can I say? It was the very early ’80s. I thought it looked good.

The kids could barely believe that this was a picture of me. One of the dudes looked at the picture and said, “Is that you, Mr. Jones. You look so . . . ” At which point Ms. S broke in and said, “I think you were going to say different. Right?”

Yeah, sure. I have a feeling he was going to say something much, well, different than different.

And now that it’s too late, there’s nothing I can do to make that bad decision into a good decision. ‘S what I meant about how bad decisions can stick with us for long after we make those decisions.

So, dudes, think before you try to get all hip looking. Think before you try out that hair style you saw in the teen magazine. Remember, you’re old. You have children. Do you really want to explain why you looked like that when they get older?

Beware the high-school ‘fro!

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