Sunday Stop Light

To help promote A Dude’s Guide to Babies, Barry and I made a whole bunch of postcard-sized copies of the cover, with information about us and the book on the back, and many more business-card-sized promotional bits as well.

We’ve been making sure to give them to anyone who will take them. They’re scattered around at local grocery stores, in convenience stores, in comic book stores, and in schools. I’ve also created some car magnets featuring the cover so I can cover my sweet, sweet mini-van ride with them. A little mobile advertising to supplement the stay-still advertising where we’ve been placing the ads.

Basically, anywhere that will take them, we’ve left them. Even some that didn’t know they were going to take them.

I’ve taken to saying that I’ll give one of these to anyone who’ll stand still long enough for me to give it to them. It turns out, I’ll even give one to someone who doesn’t stand still, but doesn’t run away fast enough.

I was in the mini-van with the magnets on the side with Zippy the College Boy. We were stopped at a stop light. He said that there were two ladies in the car next to us who were looking at the car and giggling. I was getting a bit upset, thinking they were laughing at the sweet, sweet mini-van, when I realized what was going on.

They were looking at the magnet advertising A Dude’s Guide to Babies. I quickly rolled down the window and invited them to do the same.

I explained that it was a book I’d written with a friend. They laughed, said how wonderful. Then they said their neighbor had just had his first child.

The light was still red, but not for long. I grabbed a couple of copies and leaped out into the street.

The light turned green, but I made it to their car and handed over the cards, thanking them kindly.

They drove off, no doubt thinking it was a narrow escape from the crazyperson back there. I hopped back into my sweet, sweet mini-van and, to the accompaniment of many melodic car horns, drove away.

Yeah, I will do just about anything to promote the book. Why do you ask?

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