Brotherly Love In It’s Purest Form

With Zippy the College Boy and Sarcasmo away, poor little Hyper Lad is the only little dude left in the house, outnumbered and outgunned.

He came home from school the other day while I was walking Buzz, the garbage disposal that walks like a dog, and I hailed Hyper Lad and waved him over to talk. We played with Buzz in the front yard, chatted a little bit about his school day and such like that.

Down the street, we saw a young dude named Marky K get out of his car. Marky K goes to school with Zippy the College Boy and was his ride home for spring break. Which, apparently, Hyper Lad had forgotten.

“What’s Marky K doing here?”

“He came home for spring break with Zippy the College Boy.”

“What?” Hyper Lad asked, dropping the stick with which he’d been teasing the dog. “Zippy the College Boy’s home? Why didn’t you tell me?”

He raced across the lawn and through the front door, pausing only to shed his backpack somewhere near the front entrance, and pounded up the steps to where his brother sat on the couch watching TV. I don’t think I’ve seen Hyper Lad that excited and that happy for a long time.

Growing up, I was the oldest child. I wasn’t left at home with only the parents. I was the one who took off, so I have absolutely no idea what Hyper Lad is going through. He and his middle brother grew especially close when Sarcasmo went off for his one-semester try at college.

They bonded tighter than ever. And then Zippy the Monkey Boy became Zippy the College Boy and poor Hyper Lad was left all alone.

I wonder how Zippy the College Boy feels, being the recipient of that wide, joyous smile? Knowing his younger little brother adores and worships the ground on which he walks? Does he understand what a lucky young dude he is, to be so admired?

Curious, I asked the young dude exactly that.

“Hewuh?” was the answer I got.

Yep. About par for the course. They might go off to college, but their brains are still on vacation.

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