I Can’t Believe I Waited This Long

As of today, right now, this instant, there are less than three weeks remaining until the world has reason to blame my mom and Barry’s mom for letting us live past puberty.

Well, either that or the world will have reason to rejoice.

Personally? I’m betting on the latter.

Yes, dudes and dudettes, in less than three weeks (18 days to be precise) the long-awaited playbook for new dads, the perfect gift for the man suffering through a baby shower, the book every new dad wishes he could have had and now can. . . it’s the publication date of A Dude’s Guide to Babies: The New Dad’s Playbook.


dude cover

Yep, there it is, dudes and dudettes. That is one sweet cover, yeah?

Oh, yeah.

Barry and I really are proud of this book. It took a lot of work to bring it from a passing fancy in Barry’s brain to an actual, for-real, honest-to-FSM book that you can purchase right now and hold in your very own two hands.

In fact, if you haven’t done so, why not go there now and buy a copy? All you have to do is click on the picture there to the right.

Back already?

Well, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Now that you’ve purchased your very own copy, and maybe a couple more copies so you can be prepared when you next go to a baby shower and you’re stuck for a gift and the dad-t0-be is sitting there in the corner looking like a deer in the headlights, unsure what to do.

Go over there, clap him on the shoulder and hand him a copy of A Dude’s Guide to Babies: The New Dad’s Playbook and he’ll be ready to go.

Was that pushy? I didn’t want to be pushy?

One more thing. If you buy the book at Amazon.com, or any other online retailer, please go back and leave a review on the site to let others know how much you liked the book.

The more good reviews we get, the more people will see the book and the more people who see the book, the more people will buy it and leave reviews and so on and so on and so on. Sure Barry and I want you to do it so we can sell more books, but we really do sincerely think it will help a lot of shaky dads-to-be.

That’s all.

Well, let’s be honest. That’s all. For now. I will be back and probably more frequently than is good for me. Or you. Sorry. It’s just I’m so very excited.

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