Sunday Shyamalan: Real Genius

Here’s something I doubt you dudes have given much thought to. When you watch a movie, or just enjoy the trailer for it, do you ever think about how important sound engineering or music is to sustaining mood?

No, seriously, it’s something I want you dudes to think about.

For instance, there’s a dude on youtube who took the original trailer for a 1980’s brainiac comedy romp starring Val Kilmer and called Real Genius and, using only a different musical score and sound engineering, plust a couple of new screen cards (those things with words printed on them that normally get spoken by the deep-voiced trailer guy?), has turned the movie into something entirely different.

As you’ve probably guessed, he gives us the impression that this is Real Genius by way of writer/director/rapidly fading star M. Night Shaymalan. He’s the guy famous for the last-minute twists in his movies. You know the dude, who had a couple of great movies in Sixth Sense and Unbreakable and then took the express elevator to hell (and then made a movie about it called, no seriously, Devil).

Anyway, check this out. I would definitely pay to see this movie. It looks like a complete hoot.


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