A Poignant Note

Hey, dudes! Barry’s back for another tale from the road. Well, if by road we mean parenthood and by tale we mean he’s messed something up again. And, I’m pretty sure we do.


Here’s Barry with a quick hit.

My 13-year-old is, like most young dudes his age, in the middle of losing his last few baby teeth and growing in his adult teeth.

The only thing is that it’s a rather infrequent process. That is, it’s not often that he loses a tooth. Which means that sometimes my wife and I are a bit, well, um, lax in contacting the Tooth Fairy about heading over to our house so she can reward my little dude for losing another tooth.

Now, when they were little, my two boys weren’t what you would call a model of patience. Still, they did have their moments. And, when the patience ran out, we would hear the exact moment.

These days, though, they’re a bit more subtle. They’re also a bit more sneakily confrontational. By that I mean that their sisters know for a fact that the Tooth Fairy exists and the only reason she hasn’t been bringing my son his money is because she’s really, really busy. He, however, is not so sure. He’s beginning to think that it might all be part of the Great Adult Conspiracy.

And his protests are beginning to show that.

Take, for example, his gentle reminder that he still hasn’t been paid for his last tooth.



He just might be on to something with this one. I quickly took it down and made sure his sisters didn’t see it.

Strangely, he got the money the very next morning. I guess the Tooth Fairy really does respond to a little gentle persuasion. And, when that doesn’t work, some outright extortion, whether veiled or not.


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