Sunday Sensation: Bambi Meets Godzilla

Created in 1969, the animated short called Bambi Meets Godzilla still was shown at midnight movie showings for many decades after.

Which was where I first came across this modern masterpiece. It’s been a staple of animation festivals and other movie festivals ever since it first was released.

It’s a marvelous example of the mash-up culture, taking two disparate things and mashing them together to form something completely distinct from its origins. The animator had permission neither from the makers of Bambi nor the creators of Godzilla. He just had a good idea and ran with it.

If you were a lucky dude, as when I was growing up and seeing this for the first time, you were able to watch a scratchy, ugly copy of a copy of a copy. Now, though, through the magic of the internet, a fan of the original animated short went back and painstakingly restored the movie, frame by frame.

And, so, I present to you dudes Bambi Meets Godzilla: The Restoration. It’s awesome. Enjoy.

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