It’s Here! It’s Really, Really Here!

I am, as you dudes might be able to detect, just a leeettle bit excited. Why? Because it’s here! My author’s copy of the for-real, actual printed on dead trees, paperback book copy of A Dude’s Guide to Babies is here!


If my smile gets any wider, I think I’m in danger of being mistaken for a Canadian or something. (FSM, I can’t believe I just made a South Park joke. I must be giddy.)

For those of you few people reading this who haven’t already heard. A Dude’s Guide to Babies is a funny, informative playbook for new dads who want to be involved in raising their babies without, you know, killing anything. Yeah, we have somewhat lower standards than do the women. It’s okay. It makes sense once you read the book.

Unfortunately, rest of you dudes and dudettes will have to wait until April 15 to get your hands on a copy of this sure-to-be-a-hit book written by yrs trly and site co-founder Barry. It’s been a long road, but it was all worth it.

Just holding this thing in my hands. . . I don’t think I can describe just how wonderful it feels. I’ve been trying to do something like this for so long, to get an actual book published by an actual publisher. And now it has been.

Well, provided there’s no catastrophic crash of civilization or a zombie apocalypse or something and the books never get shipped out. Not that I think it will happen, but I have been known to kill more than one magazine. I’d submit a story to a magazine, get it accepted and then watch it fold up for good the issue before I’m to be published.

Is it wrong that I wanted to start hugging the book the minute I tore it out of the envelope? Not that I did, of course, but I wanted to. Unless it’s all right to do that sort of thing. But I didn’t. Much.

I realize I’m gushing just a bit, but, dudes, it feels good. Really good. To have accomplished something like this, to finally hold it in my hands, makes me a happy dude.

Go pre-order a copy. I’m sure it will make you a happy dude as well.

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