How To Get A Dollar

Dudes and Dudettes, let’s give it up for our guest blogger, our founder and the big idea man. . . It’s Barry!

And he’s got something to say.

Recently, my oldest daughter had to get braces on her teeth. Now, this is a girl who doesn’t enjoy pain at the best of times and for her to have to “ruin” her smile with braces and put up with that new-braces pain in her teeth. . . Well, it wasn’t pretty.

To make matters worse, she and my youngest daughter were out in the store with their babysitter. The three had gone out to purchase a mop, which my youngest daughter gleefully decided to carry throughout the store. Anyone who couldn’t guess where this was headed definitely hasn’t seen enough vintage Three Stooges episodes.

Yes, my oldest daughter got hit in the mouth with a broom handle. On the very same day she had her braces installed.

Now, the hitter was horrified over what she’d done and, perhaps, a little terrified over what her older sister would do in return, so she decided to write a nice note of apology. Which I present to you here.


For those of you who don’t have super-vision, I’ll give you the rundown.

My youngest started off as if it were a fairy tale, then moved quickly into describing the actual incident. She would never “frigv” herself. That last was forgive, for those of you who read English, rather than toddler.

However, she did ask her big sister to “frigv” her for what happened because, my youngest said, the two were best friends and needed to stay that way forever.

To this appealing apology, written with such marvelously emotive passion, my oldest daughter replied: “I will but can I have $1.00”

Yes, that’s right. She said she’d forgive her sister and then asked for a dollar.

Now that, dudes, is a young dudette who knows how to use guilt.

Cute as it all was, I’m getting a bit concerned for what’s going to happen when she grows up.

Barry, dudes and dudettes! Let’s give it up for the dude and hope he comes back more often!

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