Not-So-Sorry, Charlie

So, the other day, I got an e-mail. Nothing odd about that, but it was the contents of this one that caught my eye.

Someone actually thought either I or the Dude’s Guide had some sort of influence in the world and wanted to make use of that to their own benefit.

It’s not like I’ll be advertising the Temple of the Vampire* any time soon. What I do want, though, is to talk to you about tuna fish.

No, really.

The fine folks at Chicken of the Sea actually sent me a couple of tins of tuna to try out. Not that it’s ordinary tuna. No, these were a couple of tins of no-drain tuna. Which is the latest answer to a question I didn’t even know I needed to ask.

Seriously, it’s always so annoying when I decide to make a tuna salad or something like that and have to drain the oil or spring water from the can without losing any of the tuna down the drain. It’s a hassle. Okay, sure, it’s a first-world-problem type of hassle, but a hassle nonetheless.

Which is why I was excited to try this idea in the flaky and delicious flesh.

Surprisingly, it actually works quite well. Sure, there’s a little bit of drainage, but nothing that will dilute the taste if you’re putting the tuna straight from the tin to the bowl.

Not only that, but it still tasted pretty good, as well. The good folks at Chicken of the Sea also were kind enough (or deluded enough. I’ve still not decided which) to send along a sample of the No-Drain tuna with a Thai chili taste to it. Now, this is the good stuff.


I could really get used to this sort of tuna. It’s got a bit of a sweet and slightly spicy taste to it and, really, I could eat this stuff right out of the can without being in the least disappointed. I really enjoyed it. Now I only wish they’d sent along the lemon pepper flavor as well.

Guess I’m going to have to go out and get me some of that good stuff.

So, if you’re of a mind to try out some tuna without the drainage mess, this is the way to go. Give it a shot. I think you’ll be glad you did. Not only does it taste good, it’s also pretty good for you.

There. That wasn’t too much of a shill, now was it?



*an actual, for-reals religion. No kidding.

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