Kickstart This, Flyboy

by Richard

Crowdfunding is a wonderful idea.

Basically, crowdfunding means going somewhere and talking up what a great idea you have and how cool it would be to produce this idea, if only you had the money.

Then you rely on donations from a whole bunch of people, a veritable crowd funding the idea. You dudes see where the whole process got its name, yeah?

Well, the best-known of these sorts of sites is a place called Kickstarter. I love Kickstarter. I’ve supported a handfull of really worthy projects, helping bring to reality some really cool things that I just can’t wait to have in my sweaty little hands.

Which is why I’m coming to you, loyal duders, because I think you will love this idea. Take one hefty dose of Bill Nye, the Science Guy, and then add in a cool video game for the iPad, some dedicated and creative teachers and shake well, like the perfect martini.

Give it enough money (hint, hint) and let it germinate. Then you’ve got something wonderful like this.


Basically, we’re talking about using a cool game in which you fly like a seagull to teach kids about difficult-to-grasp concepts like aerodynamics and physics.

From the website: There are several forces engaged when a bird or plane flies, and here on earth we’re unable to see any of them. But never fear!  Bill Nye andGameDesk have a revolutionary idea! With your help we can complete a game that teaches the physics behind flight by allowing players to literally become a bird and experience those scientific principles in their own hands. 

Yeah, dudes, that does sound cool. So cool, in fact, I already went there and pledged to give some money to the group.

You’ve got to know that the US is lagging behind other nations in the number of scientists we produce. This is something that can help reverse that decline, by hooking young, impressionable minds on the wonders of the natural world, the fascinating puzzles to be solved using science, and the fun you can have while working on it all.

So, really, dudes, go here and give a couple of bucks. There’s only 28 more days left until this baby is either funded or scrapped. Let’s do our part to make sure it’s funded, all right, crowd?

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