A Little Something New

by Richard

I’d like to get the apology out of the way first.

I’m sorry.

There, okay? Fine? Fine.

The apology was for any of you who follow me on twitter (@dudesguide) or on Facebook. By the way, you can go sign up to follow or like either of those things. It won’t hurt at all if you do. You might even find you like it. Of course, the last time someone said that to me it was right before they whipped out the cooking oil and the. . .

You know what? Never mind that story. I don’t think we need to get into that right now. Or ever.


The apology. Right. The deal is I’m working with some new software that is supposed to broadcast these things to both Twitter (@dudesguide) and Facebook. Problem is, I think I’ve already got something doing the same thing. So there might be some double posts for a while until I straighten this whole thing out.

What can I tell you? I’m really excited about THE BOOK, A Dude’s Guide to Babies (The Perfect Gift For New Dads!), coming out on tax day next year (April 15, 2013). In fact, it’s already available for pre-order on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Give it a click.

So, the deal is, with the book coming out, I’m looking to make sure I can spread the word as far as possible to as many people as possible. Who knows, there might actually be people out there who will buy the silly thing.

Well, more people. Barry said he has a friend who already ordered the book. So. That’s one. Any other takers?

Or are you just going to complain about the double posting? I can do that too. Just let me know if you’re finding two of these things and I’ll do my best to straighten it out.

Again, sorry.

Buy the book!


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