Into Space Without Train Tracks

by Richard

When nominations for year’s best dad come out, I have a feeling this guy is going to be leading the pack.

Youtube user RonIsNeat, who I’m pretty sure is Ron Fugelseth from California, loves his young dude and thinks it’s a blast to watch how his young dude, who’s only 4 years old, interacts with a toy train named Stanley. In the young dude’s imagination, Stanley goes anywhere and everywhere. So his dad decided to make this come true in real life.

RonIsNeat strapped Stanley to a weather balloon and a camera and sent the whole thing up into space, where we can see the curve of the Earth below and the blackness of space above. When the package returned to Earth, father and son were there to capture Stanley for even more adventures.

This is an amazing video that I can’t get enough of watching.

A while back, I wrote about two high-school students who decided one summer that they wanted to launch something into space and did something similar with a Lego man and a weather balloon. While I thought that was outstanding because, really, it’s a couple of teenagers who decide they wanted to send something into . . . SPACE . . . and then did it, I think this might be even better.

Wait until you see the look on the little dude’s face after he gets Stanley back.

Watch this future father of the year and the little dude lucky enough to call him dad.

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