Sunday Serenade: SkyMall

by Richard

Jonathan Coulton is a very, very funny dude. The fact that he’s an accomplished, gifted and prolific musician only makes the funny all that much better.

Seriously, the guy wrote probably the best song ever about a zombie business man in the form of a musical memo that plays on all the funny zombie clichés you’ve seen a million movies try to take seriously. No kidding, it’s a great song.


If you’ve got time, cruise on over to his website and take a listen to some of his songs, maybe download some he’s offering for free. Do this and I’m almost positive you’ll be back, this time to drop a little bread on the amazing musical baker. Tortured analogy aside.

So here’s a great song he (relatively) recently put out. It’s about the glories of that institution of air miles, the SkyMall magazine. Give it a listen. Get a cheap chuckle and then go check him out.


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