A Belated Birthday

by Richard

A belated birthday wish to my dad, the original dude in the family. Believe me, if you’d met the other men in my family, you’d know that the one thing you’d never call them (especially in their presence) would be dude.

Yesterday, my dad turned . Hard to believe.

I think he’s where I got the defective eyesight.

That is, when he looks in the mirror, he sees not someone who’s (mumbledy mumbledy mumbledy) nine, but someone who has a — mostly — full head of hair, no wrinkles and a body like a (very small and inconsequential) Greek god. Oddly enough, I think we share the same mirror.

I just wanted to take a few moments to wish him a happy birthday out here in the wide open.

And to apologize for the birthday card. All I can say in my own defense was that I really couldn’t help myself.

Happy birthday, dude.

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