Like A Fungus, We’re Growing On Things

by Richard

Just wanted to pass along a little information. We were invited to participate in a blog-go-round at They’re a website devoted to kids, trips and the intersection between them.

We were invited to write a quick blog post about things we like to do in Charlotte. Since it’s a kid-friendly website, we weren’t able to talk about our true passions. (Kids are so delicate when you start talking about ritual mutilation of cute fluffy pets.) We did, however, manage to whip together a little list of stuff we like here in Charlotte. And it didn’t even involve alcohol. Even a little bit.

You can find the whole Trekaroo thing here. And, even better, why not check out all the links here? Why not go take a look if you live in the Charlotte area? There’s lots of good stuff. Stuff that I’m going to be trying out very soon.

Have fun.

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