Clone Wars

One last post about my oldest little dude before we move on. My wife, known to some as She Who Knows Stuff, often looks at my oldest little dude in a disgusted way and mutters, “Clone.” whenever he does or, more often, says something that reminds her of me. And not in a good way. He tends to be a smart mouth, overly cynical and thinks he’s funny. Remind you of anyone? Yeah. I thought it might.

Except for being taller, much better looking and having a full head of hair, he does look almost exactly like me. (Although there were a lot of excepts in there, weren’t there?) He’s also picked up a lot of my habits over the years. See, he loves to read. And I mean, loves. He’d probably rather pick up a book and read for a couple of hours than do just about anything else. Right now he’s working his way though my extensive library of books and he’s finding that he loves a lot of the same stuff that I do.

It’s his love of books I want to talk about.

When we were in Florida for spring break, my sister and her family, who live nearby to the beach, came and kidnapped the little dude to celebrate his upcoming birthday. They got into the condo, woke him up, blindfolded him and then led him outside. They took him to breakfast and then drove him around the town of St. Augustine, threatening him that they were going to take him to a Hannah Montana concert or take him to his final destination, a graveyard.

Eventually, the group reach their real destination. My sister had decided to take the birthday dude to a Barnes & Noble bookstore, hand him some birthday cash and let him run wild. Now, remember, he was still blindfolded and he had no idea where he was. As soon as he walked inside the bookstore, again blindfolded, he stopped dead, tilted his head to the left and then screamed, “We’re in Barnes & Noble!” He ripped off the blindfold and took off for the manga (Japanese comic book) section at a dead sprint, leaving behind a baffled aunt, uncle and cousins. They all looked at each other and had the same thought: How did he know?

Turns out, according to the young dude, he knew where he was because of the smell. That’s right, he smelled the books. Nobody believed him except for me, because I know that smell too.


— Richard

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